Dr. Sharp’s Talks 2019-09-20T10:13:35-04:00

Knowing is half the battle

Dr. Michael Sharp

Join Plum Spring Clinic’s Medical Director for a deep dive into the tenets of Functional Medicine. With 20 years of experience treating chronic digestive illness and the problems related to it through the holistic lens of functional medicine, Dr. Sharp works to uncover the root causes of pain and illness symptoms.  These often include exposure to toxins, problems with nutrition, chronic long-term stress reactivity, and unresolved trauma.  The functional medicine approach identifies a path to wellness aimed at moving beyond managing symptoms with medication to true healing.

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Stress, Trauma, and Your Physical Health

October 10th, 6:00-7:15 pm
Chapel Hill Public Library, Room C
100 Library Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Join Plum Spring Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr. Michael Sharp, in an overview of stress physiology to understand how chronic stress reactivity disrupts healthy physical function to contribute to stubborn health problems. Dr. Sharp discusses a holistic approach to health and how improved stress resilience can lead to improved healing. 
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