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Our medical director, Dr. Michael Sharp, is a Harvard trained physician who served on the faculty of the UNC School of Medicine for 20 years before a growing dissatisfaction with the practice of mainstream medicine and his brush with serious illness led him to look outside the box. Over the last 20 years, he has steadily acquired a better understanding and approach to chronic illnesses of all types, especially those involving the digestive system. His Plum Spring Clinic team and program are now guided by two fundamental principles:

healthA broad, holistic approach to illness and healing that relies on understanding and addressing roots of illness unique to each patient;

healthThe crucial importance to each patient’s healing process of respectful, compassionate relationship.

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We take a broad, holistic approach to illness that understands how all things are connected with a focus on getting to the roots of the specific illness.


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Hear What Our Client Says About Us and The Great Healing Work Plam Spring Clinic Provides Our Patients

I began treatment with Dr. Sharp about a year after I had a toxic reaction to the antibiotic ciprofloxacin. I wish I had seen him sooner!

Dr. Sharp mapped out a treatment plan for me based on my individual needs. His plan was for both my body and for my mind after suffering such a traumatic event. It has not been an easy journey for me. It has been a painful one. Dr. Sharp is my partner in healing me. It’s more of a joint effort. His compassion and knowledge are invaluable to me, and I know to others as well. I’m not sure I could heal without him. Thank you Dr. Sharp for making this journey to healing with me.

L.T., Greensboro, NC

Dr. Sharp is an excellent diagnostician. I avoided having surgery because of his evaluation and treatment.  He diagnosed my food sensitivities and has treated me successfully.  He diagnosed and treated my hypothyroidism when other physicians said treatment was not indicated.

I’m very grateful for his skill and compassion.

S.L., Chapel Hill, NC

My health began a significant decline in my late 30s.  I spent over ten years working within the the traditional healthcare system and even integrative practices trying various pharmaceuticals and seeing various experts, however, everything I tried either didn’t help or made me worse.

My health bottomed out in 2014; my anxiety and depression were through the roof, I had aches and pains all over my body, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t think and lost my voice to name just a few of the issues.  I gave up on traditional doctors and with the help of the internet found I was sensitive to nightshades.

Over the next few months my health improved significantly but then seemed to plateau short of where I wanted to be.  This is when I found Dr. Sharp.  What I learned from him was that my system had been thrown way out of balance.  With the help of medical tests traditional doctors won’t touch, we investigated several health factors such as cortisol disruption, candida infection, mercury toxicity and even some genetic risk factors all of which were addressed through various supplements, which again, traditional doctors won’t touch.

Today, I’m back at work and reassembling my life.  I have a better perspective on my health and better balance in everything from diet to supplements to the way the body influences the mind (and vice versa) in times of sickness and health.  I can’t say enough for how much Dr Sharp has helped me when many many others could not.

P. K., Chapel Hill, NC