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By | 2012-09-03T21:40:35+00:00 September 3rd, 2012|Dr. Sharp's PlumLine Articles|

Popular wisdom holds that those of us with addictions have a problem with will power. We don’t know how to resist urges so we over-indulge in things that make us feel good.

Of course everyone wants to feel good.  And some people can gamble, have sex, eat, drink, and work to their enjoyment and satisfaction.  Then there are those of us that can’t.

Instead of feeling good, addicts sometimes do bad things like ruin marriages, or relationships with mothers, fathers, and children.  Some lose it all. I know people who began life […]

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By | 2012-04-23T20:33:23+00:00 April 23rd, 2012|Dr. Sharp's PlumLine Articles|

Several years ago I was introduced to the shamanic journey as a way to access wisdom that is either outside of ourselves or so deep within that we don’t have access to it from our experiences in “ordinary reality”.  A shaman I met several years ago impressed me as sane, sober and wise in spite of her descriptions of journeys that seemed preposterous: power animals in a lower world, teachers in an upper world, and a vision of a dimension that surrounds us all the time and that is […]

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Sunrise Service

By | 2012-02-01T21:51:30+00:00 February 1st, 2012|Dr. Sharp's PlumLine Articles|

Eat your vegetables. Exercise every day. Say your prayers. Have fun. Be Kind. Don’t eat so much sugar. Remember your friends. Don’t forget to floss. Go to meetings. Oh yes, be grateful.

For those of us that have a not-so-nice and-maybe-a-bit-too-big seam of OCD this part of our user manual can be oppressive. The inner voice that demands we be good can get hold of the responsibility to take care of ourselves with such vengeance that we have a hard time measuring up to our intentions. We might […]

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The Roller Coaster

By | 2011-12-26T15:25:25+00:00 December 26th, 2011|Dr. Sharp's PlumLine Articles|

In my last column I mentioned my emerging attraction to the concept of “wellbeing” as a major determinant of overall health.  Having declared myself a student of wellbeing, I’m discovering that its recipe is complex.  As I work with others to help them chart a course that addresses illness or symptoms of un-wellness, I often wonder if our worries don’t have an inordinate influence.  At the same time I wonder if our ambitions don’t get in the way as well.

I hang around with a group of individuals that think about […]

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Something to Celebrate

By | 2011-09-28T17:55:08+00:00 September 28th, 2011|Dr. Sharp's PlumLine Articles|

A story runs through my family. It weaves the theme of the challenges of women manifesting themselves. My daughter Corinna has a photo blog called Bird Wanna Whistle.  She’s a writer by profession and a mother and she’s good at both. Very good. Ezra is at a challenging age. He is stubborn and willful. If you say, “Go west young man” he runs east. Her professional life is stepping up very well too. She’s had a couple of promotions over the last few years and a lot of people […]

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Space Building

By | 2011-03-31T17:44:18+00:00 March 31st, 2011|Dr. Sharp's PlumLine Articles|

There is a way of looking at human development as a process of becoming attached and then working the rest of our lives to undo that attachment. We are supposed to be safe and then to separate and become individuals. Many toddlers go through a stage at about age 18 months when they become very clingy – the image of a small infant clutching his mother’s leg while she attempts to cook dinner comes to mind. At the same time, this little “appendage” is fiercely applying the newly discovered power of “NO”. Saying “no” is one of the ways of […]

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Modern Plague

By | 2011-01-27T20:06:38+00:00 January 27th, 2011|Dr. Sharp's PlumLine Articles, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Type II Diabetes|

In the last few weeks I have seen a 9 year old with frequent colds, a middle aged man with depression, tight hamstrings and debilitating knee pain, a menopausal woman with fatigue and anxiety and an overweight woman with insomnia. Each of these individuals has seen at least three different physicians and one of them has seen 10 different physicians – in each case their primary symptoms have been almost completely resistant to a wide range of treatments. Three of these four individuals are thin or at least of normal […]

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We have met the enemy

By | 2010-09-26T23:34:52+00:00 September 26th, 2010|Dr. Sharp's PlumLine Articles|

My practice seems to be evolving.  More talk, fewer supplements.

Lifestyle science continues to accumulate evidence that confirms the comic strip character Pogo’s observation “yep, son, we have met the enemy and he is us.” That now-famous comment appeared in an anti-pollution cartoon/poster in 1970. The cartoon character’s author, Walt Kelly, was pointing out that our character defects get us into trouble. These human frailties beleaguer us doubly.  Firstly, as Pogo pointed out, they make us foul our nests (the cartoon had a picture of the beloved swamp where […]

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The Myth of Cholesterol, Part II

By | 2010-08-17T20:51:45+00:00 August 17th, 2010|Dr. Sharp's PlumLine Articles, Nutrition|

In my previous post I reviewed what I consider to be an inappropriate focus on cholesterol in the effort to alter risks for preventable diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, and peripheral artery disease.  Although statins may be effective in reducing the risks for these diseases, it is now clear that they are the result of complex metabolic changes associated with poor nutrition, physiological changes associated with exposure to stress, and sedentary life styles. Virtually all national health advocacy groups agree and call for addressing these diseases (and many […]

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