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Chronic Fatigue

Have you wondered why modern medicine, with all of its advanced technology, has not been able to discover the cause of this common but often completely debilitating disease?  It’s because it is not an identifiable single-pathogen malady and requires comprehensive chronic fatigue treatment.

It is instead a complex breakdown of many functions of the body, and yet none of those individual components has permanently broken down into a disease state. The sad news is that this means the typical science of modern medicine can’t find a specific, single “breakdown” and thereby address it with a prescription drug.

Chronic Fatigue Treatment Woman

There is good news!

  • Chronic Fatigue is almost never a permanent condition – it can be turned around.
  • The components of each individual’s breakdowns are highly individual and each patient with chronic fatigue must be understood from their own unique history.
  • There are tests that can determine which of the many parts of any one person’s physiology is not working properly. The most common breakdowns for people with Chronic Fatigue include:
    • Stress hormone dysregulation
    • Sleep disturbance – which in and of itself may be complexly unhealthy by virtue of disturbances of cortisol, neurotransmitters, pain, inflammation, and post-traumatic dream disturbance
    • Breakdown in the performance of the mitochondria, the cell’s power plants
    • Overload of toxins
  • Because Chronic Fatigue is a complex, multi-system condition the treatment must be HOLISTIC!

Chronic Fatigue is a classic example of a condition which will never respond to the conventional medical approach. Pharmaceuticals alone simply cannot measure up incoherence and effectiveness of individualized protocols and chronic fatigue treatment that include exercise, diet, sleep, stress modification, and nutraceutical supplements that support the repair of the broken-down functions.  Ever heard of prescription medicine that repairs?