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Abdominal discomfort in Durham NC

Abdominal discomfort in Durham NCIt is amazing to us how frequently patients come to us who have these issues and have been basically brushed off by their physicians. This is dangerous because your body is certainly trying to tell you that something isn’t working. What is the one question most physician’s never ask?  It’s “why”. The answer they are looking for is “what”; what is the name of this patient’s problem. Once there they are off to the races. Out comes the prescription pad. Most people with these symptoms will have an alteration of the normal population of bacteria in the gut. This goes under a couple of names, SIBO or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or Dysbiosis. The imporant thing for you to know is that there are tests that can be performed that can identify the nature of imbalance of your flora and the reasons that may have caused it. This leads to what you’re looking for: an approach to correcting what’s wrong and relieving your Abdominal discomfort in Durham NC.


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