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Nutrition Counseling

We believe nutrition is a fundamental pillar of health and well-being. We know without doubt that poor nutritional status contributes to the gradual breakdown of healthy function that can cause symptoms long before a disease state has developed. Poor nutrition can also be the primary cause of disease. By the same token we know first hand that good nutrition is powerful medicine. The goal of our nutrition counseling is to harness the power of nutrition to correct physiological dysfunction that underlies your unwellness before disease occurs, heal your gut, and meet your health goals.

nutrition counseling Nutrition counseling at Plum Spring Clinic begins with a thorough assessment of your nutritional status and review of your eating habits and lifestyle by Nate Kelly, RD, our experienced functional medicine dietitian. Nate will take the time to listen closely and to understand where you are right now in terms of your lifestyle and diet, and work with you to develop a personalized nutrition treatment plan as part of your overall wellness program path. In Nate’s work, the optimal diet must not only meet the needs of your physical body but also work within the context of your life.

Our aim is to help you understand how to best meet your unique nutritional needs within our cultural environment where healthy eating is not the default, and fads, misinformation, and even disinformation abound. We support you in overcoming pressures of convenience, confusion, and instability to permanently alter your diet to best align with your preferences, values, and aspirations for well-being and longevity.