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Functional Medicine Programs, Holistic Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations

This program involves a 120-minute session with Dr. Sharp to take a complete holistic health history and provide you his interpretation of the underlying causes of your illness.  You will receive:

  1. a list of diagnostic tests that can help establish or confirm with more certainty the root causes;
  2. a list of recommendations to address the factors that he believes are contributing to your ill health.

This program is designed for the individual who has little experience with non-mainstream medicine and the approach to both understanding and healing the underlying “why” of poor health, or for the individual who has tried this approach but feels there may be unidentified factors that have not been previously taken into consideration, ie a person wanting a second opinion.


Holistic Diagnostic & Functional Medicine Program

This Holistic Diagnostic & Functional Medicine program involves two 90-minute sessions with Dr Sharp.

  • The first visit includes a holistic health history and recommendations for diagnostic testing. The program includes the cost of the diagnostic testing, the collection and processing of lab samples and delivery to the labs. The test results are assembled and entered into a HIPPA compliant patient portal where they can be accessed by the patient.
  • The second visit with Dr. Sharp includes a review of the findings, interpretation of their meaning in the context of the patient’s symptoms and history, and a list of recommendations for how to repair or heal the underlying roots of the illness.

*Depending on diagnostic tests included.

This program is for the individual not yet ready or certain of the need for a Diagnosis-and-Treatment program but is ready to undertake the hunt for solutions.


Holistic Diagnosis and Treatment Program

This program involves all of the components of the Diagnostic Program and a 12- to 20-week program of repair and recovery delivered by the team of PSC clinicians and supported by a holistic care curriculum that covers the five pillars of health:

  • Movement
  • Stress Resilience
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Toxicities

*Depending on services and diagnostics included.



Who is this program for?

  • For the individual who has suffered with chronic illness symptoms that may be limiting their normal life functions. This person may have visited many mainstream specialist physicians who were unable to provide solutions beyond prescription medications that may be costly and in themselves have created more problems. 
  • For people who recognize that their lifestyle patterns have contributed to their unwellness and want to discover ways of eating, resting, calming, enjoying life that will support their wellness.
  • For people who know that they need expert help and genuine care to make the changes necessary to be well.
  • For people who understand that the investment made now is likely to have far-reaching and money-saving benefits for quality and quantity of life.